The Average Cost Per Linear Foot for Gutter Installation

Gutter installation is not the most glamorous housework you’ll ever undertake, but it is certainly important and should be given priority over other projects. Gutter installation involves the laying of the gutter system in a structure which has eaves, and downspouts. The average cost to install gutters, according to the American Society of Home Inspectors, is $1,200. But a full gutter installation may range from as low at $ 600 to as much as $5,100.


There are many types of gutter installation. You could get a completely seamless system, a sectional system or even a combination of both. For a completely seamless installation, the technician will cut a straight slot in your roof to locate the gutter outlet. The outlet can then be connected to the side of the home and the work is completed. The downside to this type of installation is that it requires more work to finish it and the cost may be higher.


If you decide on a sectional system instead of a seamless one you’ll still get a straight slot but the location of the outlet will no longer be guaranteed to be straight. In fact, some systems have a series of v-grooves instead. When water gets into any of these v-grooves, it can cause considerable damage to the roof. Sectional gutter installation is much safer because they’re installed very close to the home and also because they need gutters around the edge of the home.


Another less common type of gutter installation is the installation of solid or semi-rigid aluminum gutter cover. Some people prefer to use aluminum since it’s lighter than the other materials. Semi-rigid aluminum covers can be installed to fit the smallest openings and they do not need gutters around the edge. Most of these products are available in white, which makes them great for green homes and businesses.


If you are going to install gutters to protect your foundation, you want to make sure the installation is water tight. You can choose between different types of fastening methods such as having the gutter outlets fastened to the wall, the bottom of the foundation or through the use of heavy duty cable. Installing fasteners through the foundation may be your best option if you are worried about the weight of the water and the placement of the cables. The installation will last longer since the water will flow out along with the rainwater.


There are also options of installing vinyl gutters. You don’t need gutters at all on the exterior of your home but you will want to install a cover over the outside of the foundation so that water will run off instead of accumulating on the walls. You can also opt for the installation of metal gutters where you will only need to have a metal cover over the outside of the foundation. These types of gutter systems can be installed as per your requirements; however, you will need to ensure that the installation is done properly so that your gutters will operate properly and last longer.


The installation of gutters costs depends on the length, width and the material that you opt for. For example, steel gutters cost more than vinyl and aluminum. The average cost per linear foot is much higher for steel as well as aluminum gutters. This is due to the heavy material used in the manufacturing process for these materials. However, the installation of the Galvalume system is also much cheaper than installation of other types of gutters.


The Galvalume system is a perfect choice if you are looking at saving money and increasing the efficiency of your home. The gutter installation process is easy and simple. It does not take a professional to do this job. With just a few hours, you will have an attractive gutter system that can further enhance the look of your home. Your roof is the largest expenditure you will make with the installation of new gutters so it is important that you select the best ones that are available in order to reduce the amount of maintenance required to keep them in good condition.

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