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Most Camillus, NY, homeowners are mainly focused on renovating their home but forgetting about their roof. It’s very important to remember that your roof is one of the essential parts of your home as it protects you from all kinds of weather conditions.

Roofs keep you safe during the day and the night. But we always forget that their condition must be considered all the time since they’re more prone to weathering due to the harsh conditions that they face each day.

One common problem that roofs suffer is Moss growth. Moss growth can be avoided if you always make sure that your roof is clean all the time. Removing dirt, moss, and other types of debris from your roof and your gutters is essential for your home’s overall condition.

Fortunately, our company’s roof & gutter experts are ready to serve you any day here in Camillus, NY. From moss removal to overall roof & gutter cleaning services, we provide it all.


But before you get started, we made sure to list down several types of debris that you can find on your roof or gutters. This will help you identify them clearly before our operations start. Read on below:

Types of Debris

Moss: This type of debris is common in roofs & gutters that are prone to moisture. They mostly form due to roofs being surrounded by many tall trees. When they’re not removed, they can cause serious damage to the shingles and tiles of your roof. They can also potentially damage the overall appeal of your home from the outside if it’s too noticeable for the public.

Algae: This type of debris forms in cool, shady, and moist areas. It’s a naturally formed type of bacterium that grows from spores. The common culprit for algae is animals who bring or move spores to your roofs. If they’re unwashed or cleaned, they can cause damage to your roof.

Fungi: Also called “Lichens.” Lichen is a plant with a slow growth process, and it’s a combination of fungi and algae. They can grow on any surfaces, such as rocks and walls, mostly present in your roof. If they’re not detected and removed early, they will damage shingles over time. Also, if moisture is present in your roof, it will continue to thrive.

Types of Roof Debris Damage

1. Shingle damage: this is most commonly due to bacteria like algae and fungi thriving to survive on your roof. They feed on asphalt and limestone (which are the main components of shingles). When they feed on these components, they damage your shingles.

2. Leaks: When organisms, like mentioned above, continue to thrive on your roof, they will eventually eat through your tiles and cause leaks afterward.

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When you hire professionals like us here in Camillus, NY, to completely remove algae, stains, moss, and lichens from your roof, you will increase the longevity of your home. Our professionals have the experience and the right equipment to make sure all types of debris are removed. Call us today to know more about our Moss removal services!

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