Gutter Cleaning – Why Should I Clean My Gutter?

If you’re weary of cleaning your own gutter, you may hire a team to clean the gutter for you. The price of gutter cleaning varies depending on several factors including the size of the home and the number of Stories in your house. For instance: Gutter cleaning costs on a single-family home will range from $75 to up to $500. On multi-family residences the price will vary depending on the square footage of the home as well as the contractor that you choose. You can always check with the companies you plan to hire for their prices.


It’s important to note that gutter cleaning should be done on a regular basis, at least every six months, but this really depends on the area of the country. Regular gutter maintenance includes cleaning the outfalls and downspouts. During these maintenance sessions you will check the screens for any debris that may be clogging them and make sure that all the debris is removed. This prevents water damage from taking place and further decreases the risk of mold or mildew from occurring in the future.


Depending upon how much debris you see on the screens, how often you look, and if you live in an area where there is a lot of rainfall, it may not be possible to remove all the debris on your own. This is where gutter cleaning comes into play. A professional gutter cleaning service can gutter clean the gutters at your property using a pressure washer or by using a specialized cleaning solution. These services will protect your belongings and house from damage due to the overflowing rainwater. If the debris is not cleaned away on your own it can cause considerable damage to your roof shingles and walls. This can also increase the risk of having rotting or missing shingles.


Whether you hire a company or a professional, having the right equipment is very important. There are a number of gutter cleaning tools that are available at your local home improvement store. It is important that you have the right tools and the right equipment so as to ensure the job is done properly and completely. When hiring a service, ask about the tools and equipment that they use to clean the gutters and if they do recommend a particular brand or type of tool. Most companies are honest, but there are some that will try to sell you the latest and greatest gutter cleaning equipment.


The most important part of gutter cleaning is that the water has to go somewhere. It can’t just flow off the side of the roof like it does when it isn’t raining. Water needs to drain away from the foundation of the house. If the water goes inside the house it can cause mold and rot problems.


When leaks are discovered they must be fixed right away. If they are not fixed right away then you will have the added problem of water damage to the items below. You might end up with water damage in your attic and basements that could cost you a lot of money to repair. It is much better to catch the leaks before they start so that you don’t have any water damage issues later on.


If you have a two-story house then you need to have two sets of gutter cleaning equipment. The first set covers the lower part of the gutters and the second set covers the upper part of the gutters. The reason you need two sets is that two-story houses usually have more than one entrance. It is more efficient to clean twice the area with two-step gutter cleaning equipment.


The main reason you should do regular gutter cleaning is to prevent damage from occurring to the items below. Prevention is much cheaper than repairs. You can prevent a lot of problems from occurring by taking care of the problem early. There are some things you can avoid with gutter cleaning such as leaks, rotting debris and mold. If you use regular gutter cleaning it will also prevent bugs like rats from getting into your attic and basement.

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